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As a student of Carolina Isshinryu Karate Academy (CIKA) you will be challenged in areas pertinent to your area of training.  You will train at your own pace in an atmosphere conducive to bringing out your best. We believe that we offer the finest, most well-rounded martial arts education available anywhere at any price.  

We will not insult you with fancy titles, which for the most part are invented, given to impress, and have no significant valueTitles do not teach students the art; hard work, dedication and desire by both student and instructors will. 

If you are looking for fancy titles, glittery dojos, a social club, high prices, contracts/agreements, testing fees, and a belt handed to you every few weeks, then CIKA is not the place for you; however, if you're looking to learn a traditional martial art, and you are willing to put forth the dedication, hard work and desire, then CIKA is your martial arts training center.

Remember, anyone can wear a black belt for a price in any amount of time, but not just anyone can be one.  Every belt you receive at CIKA  you will have earned through hard work and determination.

“Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you don’t get it wrong. - Marc Cameron, Oath of Office 

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We promote the philosophy, ideals, and history of Isshinryu karate set forth by Soke Tatsuo Shimabuku through the traditional instruction of kata, kobudo and self-defense in order to enhance the individual and personal growth of its practitioners. Isshinryu was brought to the USA by marines stationed in Okinawa in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

I have always had a passion for martial arts. I began my training in Judo in 1976 and then in 1985 studied Chun Chi-Do until I found Isshinryu. I earned my black belt in Isshinryu in 1992, became a certified instructor in 1994, in 2022 I received my Nana-Dan, 7th degree black belt. My training and passion in Isshinryu now focuses on sharing the art with others. I have truly enjoyed Isshinryu and I am confident your journey will be as enlightening as mine.

Kyoshi Dean Scott - Isshinryu Karate

Make it your goal to become a Black Belt!

Devoting the time it takes to be a good martial artist is not for everyone. Understanding how to defend yourself is extremely important for all ages. The confidence that you acquire knowing that you no longer need to be a victim is helpful in all types of circumstances.

Part of our curriculum is self-defense training. We take simple situations and explain the fundamentals of how to escape and not become a victim of someone that is bigger or stronger. Strength and power do not always dominate if you are familiar with the proper counter moves.

Although the general impression of karate is the fighting aspect, the fundamentals of techniques both striking and blocking are emphasized in order to get a strong base in personal self-defense.

You are never too old to start and since our program emphasizes learning at your own pace, it is the perfect balance of getting yourself into better shape and learning the art of confidence.